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Real Estate Professionals

Affinity House wants to work with you.

The proprietary Affinity House RealGiftTM program generates high-quality, motivated leads ready to buy or sell real estate in your area. After a lead is generated, we search for experienced local real estate professionals with whom to share these leads.

We require that real estate agents be licensed, active Realtors® in good standing and that your broker approve our referral agreement. We also require that every lead we provide must be followed up with the prospect within 24 hours of receipt – ensuring that the leads are contacted by a participating real estate professional while still fresh.

Our referral package includes specific instructions and all the forms you’ll need. It will be sent by email along with your first referral lead. In addition, we provide quick phone and email support to make your experience with the Affinity House RealGiftTM program both easy and profitable.

There is no up-front cost to become a participating real estate professional. You pay a referral fee whenever you complete a transaction with one of our referrals, and our referral fees average less that the industry average 25% - usually around 17% of the sales commission, depending on the size of the sale.

You can sign up now to become an Affinity House RealGiftTM program participating real estate professional. When we have a referral available in your service area, you’ll be contacted.

Free leads and the chance to help raise funds for great causes? It’s a win/win for clients, charities and real estate professionals. Join us!

Affinity House – Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!
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