”Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!”


Every nonprofit organization – from the largest national charity to the smallest community based start-up – faces the same challenge: The never-ending struggle to raise the money necessary to meet the agency’s philanthropic goals. There’s just never enough money to fund new programs, and making relentless appeals to an established donor base risks incurring donor fatigue.

Affinity House has an answer. We design custom fund development programs that generate a stream of $500 checks from your passionate supporters. An organization with a list of 100,000 committed friends can generate up to $2.5 million each year using the proprietary Affinity House RealGiftTM program.

What’s more, we don’t take a cent from the charity in fees and we don’t take a cut from the donated funds. Every cent we help raise goes straight to our charity client to be used for programsupport.

How do we do it? Every year, about 5% of the public either buys or sells a home. Usually, they use the services of a licensed real estate professional. Instead of buying expensive advertising to find clients, our participating real estate professionals rely on the proprietary Affinity House RealGiftTM referral system, which provides client leads with no upfront cost. Instead, the participating real estate professional pays a modest referral fee based on successful transactions. That referral fee generates the cash needed to fund the donation.

As part of their participation in the Affinity House RealGiftTM program, our nonprofit clients commit to letting their friends know about how they can use the RealGiftTM program to generate support. Nonprofits can even co-brand the RealGiftTM program and position it as a membership benefit.

Although there is no minimum size requirement to become an Affinity House nonprofit client, the RealGiftTM program works best for groups with at least 10,000 identified members and friends.

Affinity House – Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!
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