”Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!”


Making a significant donation to a favorite charity or cause is usually a big decision. The Affinity House RealGiftTM program makes that decision easier – maybe even fun, because it lets you make a serious gift without writing a check. In fact, you get a tax deduction for your contribution that might just put a few dollars in your pocket!

When you buy or sell real estate using a real estate professional referred by the Affinity House RealGiftTM program, $500 will be transferred to you at closing. At the same time, the title company will issue a check for $500 from your funds and payable to your charity. The charity will issue you a receipt and you’ll have made a tax deductible donation.

While Affinity House works with experienced and reputable real estate agents and brokers, if you prefer to work with your own real estate professional, we will be happy to work with them as well. Just contact us!

Affinity House makes it easy and fun to make a generous charitable contribution while buying or selling real estate.

Our proprietary Affinity House RealGiftTM program creates a true four-way win:

  • WIN: You win when you make a tax deductible gift at no cost;
  • WIN: The real estate professional wins a new client;
  • WIN: Your favorite charity wins when it receives your $500 donation; and
  • WIN: Your community wins because of your charitable gift.

Contact Affinity House to learn which charities we are working with, or to tell us about a charity you care about that should be involved.

Affinity House – Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!
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