”Nonprofit Development Solutions are in the House!”


Welcome to Affinity House, which brings together nonprofit organizations and the public to create innovative win/win programs that make our communities safer, healthier and better-educated.

At Affinity House, we love to create win/win situations.

We match up people who are passionate about your charity’s program with high-quality real estate professionals. When your donor buys or sells using our real estate pros, $500 goes to your charity.

The real estate agent gets a client.

The charity gets needed funds.

The client gets a tax deduction and feels great.

Everyone wins!

If your nonprofit could use an extra $125,000 or more every year, you owe it to yourself to contact Affinity House now, because time really is money!

Our nonprofit clients love that we create a new and renewable stream of program support funding. Because we focus on generating ‘new money’, existing avenues of donor support are not impacted. Plus, our programs are continuous, rather than seasonal or thematic campaigns. That means that once a program is activated, it continues to generate new revenue month after month, year after year!

Donors love Affinity House programs because they can provide a meaningful level of support without ever writing a check! They gain recognition from a charity they support and are credited with a zero-cost tax-deductible contribution!

Why not put the power of Affinity House to work for your organization?

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Every nonprofit organization – from the largest national charity to the smallest community based start-up – faces the same challenge: The never-ending struggle to raise the money necessary to meet the agency’s philanthropic goals. There’s just never enough money to fund new programs, and making relentless appeals to an established donor base risks incurring donor fatigue.

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Real Estate Professionals

The proprietary Affinity House RealGiftTM program generates high-quality, motivated leads ready to buy or sell real estate in your area. After a lead is generated, we search for experienced local real estate professionals with whom to share these leads.

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Making a significant donation to a favorite charity or cause is usually a big decision. The Affinity House RealGiftTM program makes that decision easier – maybe even fun, because it lets you make a serious gift without writing a check. In fact, you get a tax deduction for your contribution that might just put a few dollars in your pocket!

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